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1) What's a Schnitzel?
A) Schnitzel is a Jewish description for Fried Chicken cutlet

2) What's the most popular schnitzel?
A) our most popular types are the Israeli, Spanish, and American. But they all taste great!!

3) Do you also have grilled chicken
A) Of course! Grilled chicken is one of the most popular items, grilled classic, Greek, Italian, and Teriyaki.

4) what kind of bread is used?
A)we bake our own French bread Baguette on premises as needed. You can also have it on whole wheat. We also offer our sandwiches on Reg. or whole wheat wraps and Pita

5) How large is the sandwich?
A) Our Baguette sandwiches are 12" long.

6) What's the best way of having the sandwich?
A) The best way is to have it with the "works" (lettuce, tomato & pickle) and with our special homemade dressings. It's great to combine a couple of the dressings on the sandwich. Every order is custom made to the individual's taste

7) Is the food pre-made
A) No! We prepare our food daily, and it's always fresh.

8) What is Chimichuri sauce?
A) Chimichuri sauce is made of many ingredients, red peppers, garlic, mayo, cilantro, and many spices. Chimichuri is a little spicy too.

9) Do you deliver? How far?
A) Yes we do. Delivery is free in the 10 block radius. Further then that we might charge a small delivery fee. Please call the store for more info.

10) Which dressings is healthiest and which is most popular?
A) Chimichuri and pesto have the least mayonnaise and more vegetables then the other dressings. We also offer olive oil and balsamic vinegar for our salads. Most popular in order are Garlic Mayo, Chimichuri, Honey Mustard and the rest are pretty even

11) What are home Fries?
A) Our home fries are made on premises and are a mix of potato and sweat potato and are shaped like potato chips.

12) Do you make your own fries and onion rings?
A) No, we buy the fries and onion rings ready made.

13) Is your bread and wraps Homotzie?
A) Some people hold that a wrap is always Mezonot, please confirm with your Rabbi.

14) Do you have a Mashgiach on premises?
A) Yes we do, at all times.

15) What is Schnitzel Sushi?
A) Our Schnitzel Sushi is our own unique invention, which we prepare with fried chicken, avocado, and garlic Mayo sauce.

16) Do you cater?
A) Yes we do! We cater small and large parties. We have a unique catering ideas such as our schnitzel sushi, wraps, and finger food, we can do any size party or event, please call store for more info.

17) What else is good besides the schnitzel?
A) We make the best Philly steak sandwich with peppers and onions. We also have our unique "Heaven Mix" which is Philly steak mixed with baby chicken…ITS HEAVENLLY. Our burgers is getting to be as popular as our sandwiches, we make them on premises.

18) What's a "Rice Blast" and how was it created?
A) Rice blast is our own creation that started with the owner not wanting to eat bread, so it evolved with gradual changes till it became what it is today. It consists of basmati rice American schnitzel, eggplant, fried onions, and our special dressing mix. Try our Pasta Blast too…Its pasta mixed with our burger meat.

19) Do you have salads
A) We sure do, our salads are very very popular, specially our grilled chicken salads, after adding our dressings they extremely tasty, and are a pretty large portion as well.

20) what are some of your new items?
A) Sliders, Falafel, Falafel Salad, Cajun grilled chicken, and our new Falafel Schnitzel.

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